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Now in addition to being able to watch the videos on www.thatoneshow.com, in iTunes, on your iPod, on Blip.tv, and wherever else you've figured out how to get it you can also check them out on www.youtube.com. It has some easy options for getting the shows on your iPod or PSP as well. Plus, (and this is my favorite part) they'll give you a little link so you can share the videos with your friends and even post them on your MySpace page. So share like you've never shared before (or at least since the days of the old Napster)!

You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=thatoneshow


thatoneshow.com: I Love Arrested Development

and I've been watching every episode of the best damn show on TV ever since the terrible news yesterday that it's over. I do have to give show creator Mitch Hurwitz for throwing in the towel before he started making mediocre episodes. Why not make the best 3 seasons possible and have people remember that. Seems like nobody ever does that in Hollywood. (When is Scary Movie 8 coming out?) Still, it's a bummer that we'll never get to see the Bluths again. That is unless they have record sales of season 3 and it builds a huge audience ala "Family Guy" coming back to life. I can only hope.


that one show: Dom Irrera

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never before seen interview with comedy legend Dom Irrera on the campus of Arizona State University for "that one show with Noah & Adam". For more videos go to www.thatoneshow.com


that one show: Mitch Hedberg

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Coming Soon to thatoneshow.com : Videos!

Soon you'll see a totally revamped thatoneshow.com and it will be chock full with the very best moments of all 18 episodes of "that one show". If you've got a video iPod-get it ready, if you've got iTunes-get it ready, if you are reading this on a computer-frickin get it ready! The countdown is on for the revolution to begin...whatever that means.

Oh and by the way, if you want to help with the that one show online project click on the little donate button in the right column. You'll be helping to make sure we can actually make this happen...I'm a little late on paying my internet bill...seriously if you've just got like ten bucks or whatever, I'll pay you back with the laughter the "that one show" videos will bring to you, and really how much is that worth to you? That's what I thought.


Happy Holidays!

We'd like to wish everyone Happy Holidays! Hopefully Santa will bring you one of the "that one show" logo items from the that one show store. Have you been bad or good?


thatoneshow.com: Online Store Now Open

Just in time for the holidays, you can now buy your favorite "that one show" logo merchandise. Everything from shirt and hats to stamps and license plate holders. Buy one of each item for everyone on your list! Proceeds raised will get that big thing we've been hinting at. Check out the "that one show" store: http://www.cafepress.com/thatoneshow


thatoneshow.com: Something Big Is Coming!

In 2006 something big is coming! And no, it's not King Kong. We can't tell you yet, but we can say that you may want to add a video iPod to your holiday wish list.

That's all.


Do Your Part America

to save one of the best comedies ever to hit the television airwaves...no I'm not talking about our show...I'm talking about the hilarious "Arrested Development". If you know what's good for you, you will watch it tonight! Tonight is THE most important night to save the show from the FOX cancellation axe because ratings haven't been good and rumors of cancellation are flying. Watch it, you'll like!


Save 'Arrested Development'

As you probably know we are huge fans of the show "Arrested Development" Mondays 8/7central on FOX. And you probably also know that FOX yanked the show from November sweeps and has reduced the season order which could mean the end of the critically aclaimed show. Show creator Mitch Hurwitz is at least taking the news and making some good comedy about it, details of an upcoming episode reveal the Save Our Bluths campaign poking fun at what's going on with the show within the show. Read all about here. And please, actually watch the show on Monday, December 5th. And if the spirit moves you, join the fight to save "Arrested Development".